What’s Keeping the Lights On?

Now with total generation!

Welcome to Grid Brief! Today, we’re looking at power generation in America’s power markets with relevant news items attached. And we’ve added a new “total generation” line to make the graphs more illuminating.

What’s Keeping the Lights On?

Here’s a look at generation nation-wide:

Natural gas, coal, and nuclear have continued their prowess as the top generators in America.

Here’s a map to orient you as we move through the markets:

ISO-New England

Natural gas, nuclear, and hydro were the top three generators in New England. The two plummets that dropped to zero appear to be data glitches from the EIA.


Natural gas, nuclear, and coal kept PJM humming.

PJM released an eye-popping load growth forecast this week. America’s largest power market expects annual load growth to triple to 2.4% over the next decade. “Summer peak load growth for the PJM RTO is projected to average 1.7% per year over the next 10-year period and 1.6% over the next 15 years,” reads the report. “Winter peak load growth for PJM RTO is projected to average 2.0% per year over the next 10-year period, and 1.9% over the next 15- years.”

“This forecast reflects the accelerated growth that we discussed with our stakeholders throughout 2023, driven by the electrification of multiple sectors combined with consumer demands for technology,” said Kenneth S. Seiler, Sr. Vice President – Planning in a statement. “It also underscores the need to maintain and develop enough generation resources to serve that growing demand.”

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