What’s Keeping the Lights On?

Welcome to Grid Brief! Today we’re looking at power generation and power prices in America’s power markets, with news items where relevant. We’ve got a lot of updates about ERCOT this week.

What’s Keeping the Lights On?

Let’s start with a snapshot of generation nation-wide:

The top three generators—gas, nuclear, and coal—continued their reign.

And here’s a map to orient you as we move through the market areas:


Natural gas and solar were the two top generators in the Golden State.

Here’s a look at marginal prices in California’s two largest utilities: Southern California Edison and PG&E. Real-time prices noticeably diverged from day-ahead prices—both above and below—depending on solar’s output compared to natural gas.

So Cal Edison


Storms in California have left 100,000 residents without power at time of writing. According to AccuWeather, preliminary estimates of economic losses incurred by the storms range from $9 to $11 billion.

New York-ISO

Natural gas, hydro, and nuclear kept the Empire State humming this week.

Real-time prices and day ahead prices remained reasonably coupled throughout the week.


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