Grid Brief Goes to Hollywood

Our movie debut!

Grid Brief Goes to Hollywood!

Dear Readers,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for reading Grid Brief. You make this whole endeavor possible. It is a profound joy to bring the most relevant energy news and insightful analyses I can to you each day.

Secondly, I’m in a movie! Sort of! Long-time energy journalist and multiple-time author Robert Bryce has just released a docu-series on the state of the American electrical grid called Juice: Power, Politics, and the Grid.

I’m in good company as a talking head with author Meredith Angwin, nuclear power advocate Madi Hilly, energy analyst Mark Nelson, and many more. You can watch the series for free here:

The final episode of the series is named after my phrase for nuclear power plants: Industrial Cathedrals.

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In other news, we’ve been rolling out a steady stream of excellent premium content. As you’ve no doubt noticed, our weekly What’s Keeping the Lights On look at power generation in America’s power markets has become a premium product—we’ve also added weekly power price graphs and news updates per power market when relevant.

Our Grid Brief International series has delved into global energy issues as various as Pakistan’s beleaguered power sector, Colombia’s foolhardy energy policy, the bursting of Germany’s hydrogen bubble, and more.

As ever, thank you for your time, attention, and support. We never take it for granted.


Emmet Penney,


Crom’s Blessing

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